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Armacorp Insulation Thermal Material Fab


From automotive, industrial machinery to aerospace and military applications, we offer variety of products that are custom-molded, die-cut and products made from plastic, ceramic, and rubber with precision. Our products consist of military, OEM, industrial and commercial parts that meets to their required standards delivering trust by ensuring quality and timely delivery.

Insulation Blanket Materials

Mylar Film, Aluminum Coated Polyimide, Glass Cloth, Gold Coated, PET.

Armacorp Insulation Blanket Materials, M

Blanket Closure Tapes

Polyimide Tape with Adhesive, Gold Coated Polyimide with Silicone Adhesive, Aluminized Polyimide Tape with AOC and Acrylic Adhesive.

Armacorp Blanket Closure Tapes Polymide

Radiator and Static Charge Control Materials

Aluminum Coated FEP & Tape, Silver Coated FEP, Accompanying Acrylic Adhesive, ITO Coated Silver FEP, ITO Coated Aluminized Polyimide and more.

Armacorp Radiator Static Charge Control
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