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Armacorp Hardware MS, AN, NAS-min.jpeg


Armacorp, Inc. is your ultimate source for MS, AN, NAS, AS, DIN, LN, NASM hardware and fasteners for general aviation, aerospace, marine and ground vehicles. Our inventory incudes hi-shear fasteners, pins, rivets, self-locking fasteners, inserts, collars, bolts, nuts, screws, bearings, clamps, fittings, washers, seals, and engine bolts comprised of assorted alloys including steel, alloy, titanium and more. We have a trusted network of suppliers which we rely on sourcing variety of hardware parts that are hard to find and obsolete.

Armacorp Bolts Hardware-min.jpeg


Hex Cap Screws, Plow Bolts, 
Carriage Bolts, Lag Bolts, 
Elevator Bolts, Structural Bolts, 
TC Bolts & Flange Bolts.

Armacorp Cables & Wires,
Armacorp Inserts, Helical, Keyed, Commer

Cables & Wires

MIL-SPEC & Commercial wires 
and cables in various colors 
not only in black and natural 
with length in 4 to 60 inches.


Helical, Solid, Keyed, MIL-SPEC, Commercial and more.

Armacorp Nuts Hex, Jam, Cap, Lock Nuts-m


Hex Nuts, Jam Nuts, Cap Nuts, Machine Screw Nuts & Lock Nuts.

Armacorp Spring Pins, Coil Pins, Cotter,

Pins & Rollers

Spring Pins, Coil Pins, 
Cotter Pins, Tapered Pins, 
Dowel Pins, Hi-Lok Pins,
Pivot Pins, Needle Roller, 
Precision Roller, Knurled, 
Spirol, Grooved Pins.

Armacorp Washer Hardware-min.jpeg


Flat, Internal Lock, 
External Lock,  Split Lock ,
Wave, Tooth, Shoulder.

Armacorp Rivets Blind, Solid-min.jpeg


Blind, Solid, All Styles and Material.

Armacorp Retaining Ring Retainer Snap Ri
Armacorp Screws Machine, Tapping, Rollin

Retaining Rings

Internal, External, Beveled, 
Bowed and more.


Machine, Tapping, Rolling, 
Cutting Thread, Wood and 
Tamper-Proof, Self-Locking.

Armacorp Socket Set Screws Hardware-min.
Armacorp Bearing Ball Hardware-min.jpeg
Armacorp Seals, Clamps, Lube Fittings, H


Set Screws, Hex Keys, 
Pressure Plugs, Socket Flat, 
Button, Cap Screws, 
Shoulder Screws.


MS, Commercial Applications,
Jewel Bearings, Needle, Cage, 
Thrust Plastic, Ball, Roller, 
Ball Sleeves, Brass, Chrome,
Carbon, Tungsten, Plastic,
Stainless Steel Balls.

Fittings, Clamps & Others

Crimp, Solder, Grease Fittings,
Clamps, Grommets, Gaskets,
Hinges, Seals.


Alloy, Aluminum, Brass
Carbon Steel, Nylon, 
Stainless Steel, Titanium.


Black Oxide, Cadmium,
Nickel, Passivation, Silver, Tin,
Wax, Zinc. 

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