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Image by Alexandre Debiève


Armacorp, Inc. is a distributor of both MIL-SPEC and commercial electronic components and products. We provide wide array of products from various manufacturers around the world. Our vast network of suppliers allows us to procure hard-to-find and obsolete parts working as your one stop vendor for fulfilling your expectations on electronics and related parts.


Product line includes semiconductors, resistors, capacitors, connectors, lamps, batteries, power supplies, relays and switches, diodes and transistors, hardware, wires, cables, fuses and more.

Armacorp Capcitor Electronics.jpeg
  • Capacitors, Lamps, Fuses, Semi-Conductors, Batteries​

Armacorp Electronics Power Supply.jpeg
  • Power Supplies, Instruments/ Indicators, Circuit Breakers​

Armacorp Resistor Electronics.jpeg
  • Resistors, Optoelectronics, Potentiometers

Armacorp Wires Electronics Cable.jpeg
  • Wires, Cables, Transistors, Connectors

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