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Supplier Terms & Conditions

Documentation for Special Processes:

If you are performing any special processes, you are required to supply one of the following documents to ensure your process conforms with all specification and contractual requirements. 

  • Certificate of Compliance

  • Certificate of Conformance

Material Suppliers:

Material Certifications must accompany all product shipped for all Purchase Orders fulfilled stating that all materials supplied meets specification and purchase order requirements.


All material must be packaged suitably for ground or air transportation and must provide protection from in-transit damage.  Failure to comply to this will result in a rejection of product or parts.  Armacorp, Inc. reserves the right to make a disposition on any damaged product to determine whether parts will be returned for credit or deemed usable.   If Armacorp, Inc. determines the product or parts are damaged and dispositioned as not usable, we reserve the right to reject the shipment and return it to sender at the senders cost for reprocessing or sorting of damaged product or parts.


All shipping documents (bills of lading, etc.) must reference Armacorp, Inc. or Customer Purchase Order Number.  All material shipments must comply with our Packaging Requirements.  Every shipment must be protected to ensure the quality, preservation and safety of the shipment.  All freight instructions much be executed.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in Armacorp, Inc. non-liability for freight charges and freight charges will be billed to vendor or supplier.

The above instructions apply only to products/ materials being delivered to Armacorp, Inc., unless drop shipment authorization is given.

Counterfeit Part:

If applicable, you are required to have a Counterfeit part program to eliminate the use of any unauthorized copy, imitation, substitute, or modified part (e.g., material, part, component), which is knowingly misrepresented as a specified genuine part of an original or authorized manufacturer.   If Counterfeit parts are detected in product procured, you must notify Armacorp, Inc. within 24 hours.


FOD-Foreign Object Debris

You must ensure processes and products are free of FOD. A substance, debris or article alien to any raw materials purchased.

Terms and Conditions:


Supplier Quality Terms & Conditions must include:

  1. Requirements for approval of product, procedures, processes and equipment.

  2. Requirements for qualification of personnel.

  3. Quality management systems requirements.

  4. The identification and revision status of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant technical data.

  5. Requirements for design, test, inspection, verification (including production process verification), use of statistical techniques for product acceptance, and related instructions for acceptance by the organization, and as applicable critical items including key characteristics.

  6. Requirements for test specimens (e.g., production method, number, storage conditions) for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation or auditing.

  7. Requirements regarding the need for the supplier to:
    a) notify the organization of nonconforming product
    b) obtain organization approval for nonconforming product disposition
    c) notify the organization of changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, change of manufacturing facility location and, where required, obtain organization approval
    d) flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements including customer requirements

  8. Records retention requirements, 5 years and disposal required after 5 years based on requirements of vendor.

  9. Right of access by the organization, their Customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.

  10. Requirements for a certificate, test reports and/or airworthiness certificate.

  11. Supplier employees need to be aware of their contribution to product conformity, their contribution to product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.

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